Capturing True Beauty in a Photoshopped World

Oct. 10, 2014 Blair Linne

Women desire to be beautiful. The world knows this and plays upon it by constantly feeding us unrealistic images to imitate. In this workshop we will consider God’s definition of beauty and look at how to find our identity in the Lord rather than in the mass media.


Blair Linne: Welcome. Welcome to this breakout session on "Capturing True Beauty in a Photoshopped World." My name is Blair, and I'm privileged to be able to stand before you and to share. I pray the time is encouraging. What I would like to do is just open up with a word of prayer. So if you would bow your heads with me.

Our gracious Father, Lord, we just come before You right now. We thank You that we're able to lean on You right now. Thank You so much for Your Word, which has gone forth throughout this conference and the ways in which You have ministered to our need and our hearts and the ways in which You have just challenged us and convicted us of our sin and given us an encouraging disposition toward repentance.

I just pray right now, Lord, as I begin to present this …

About the Speaker

Blair Linne

Blair Linne

Blair Linne lives in Philadelphia with her husband, Shai, and their three children: Sage, Maya, and Ezra. Blair is an actress, speaker, author, and spoken word artist who has toured globally and is known as one of the originators of the Christian Spoken Word genre. Proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ through Bible study, speaking, and spoken word is her passion.