What in the World Do You Want?

Oct. 14, 2010 Crawford Loritts speaking at What in the World Do You Want?

Do not love the world. The apostle John wrote these words to the early church. What does it mean to avoid worldliness in the 21st century? Dr. Crawford Loritts offers a balanced perspective. He says that avoiding worldliness isn't primarily about setting up rules or unplugging from society. It's an issue of love. Do you love God or do you love the things He provides?

Running Time: 44 minutes


*This message was transcribed from Crawford Loritts' True Woman '10 Indianapolis message.

Crawford Loritts: Thank you so much, Bob, Nancy. It is indeed a joy to be here with you. I’ve got to tell you this. Normally, I do not get too intimidated to speak; I’ve been doing this for a long time. I’m anxious—I want God to use me—but I’ve got to tell you . . . 6,000 women! Before I came over here, I stood in front of the mirror in the hotel and kept saying, “I am a man; I am a man; I am a man.” (Laughter)

It’s absolutely a joy to be here with you, and my wonderful wife, you’ll get a chance to hear from Karen, she’s the absolute joy of my life. We will have been married for 40 years on May 22, 2011, and I love her more today than I ever …


Scripture References

  • 1 John 2:15-17

About the Speaker

Crawford Loritts

Crawford Loritts

Crawford Loritts is founder and president of “Beyond Our Generation,” a ministry committed to encouraging, mentoring, and helping to shape the next generation of Christian leaders. He has written numerous books, and has preached the gospel around the world since 1972.