Main Sessions

Oct. 14, 2010

  1. What Is a True Woman?

    Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

    You don't have to be involved in politics, economics, or culture to effect the world. When you act on biblical truth, it will impact the world around you.

  2. What in the World Do You Want?

    Crawford Loritts

    What does it mean to avoid worldliness in the 21st century? Dr. Crawford Loritts offers a balanced perspective. Do you love God or the things He provides?

Oct. 15, 2010

  1. A True Woman Learns to Trust

    Karen Loritts

    After someone caused great pain to her family, Karen Loritts did not want to trust God.

  2. A True Woman Chooses Wisdom

    Mary Kassian

    Would you be most accurately described as a wild woman or as a wise woman? Mary Kassian takes you to Proverbs chapter 7 to contrast wildness and wisdom.

  3. Holly’s Life . . . Eight Kids Later (Profile Video)

    Holly Elliff

    You'll be inspired to believe right things about God, and to leave a legacy for others.

  4. The Powerful Influence of a Godly Woman

    Kay Arthur

    Kay Arthur will open your eyes to the great influence you possess and challenge you to use it to build God's kingdom in our day.

Oct. 16, 2010

  1. Laura’s Vision for Revival (Profile Video)

    Laura Gonzalez de Chavez

    Will you trust God to use you to reach your community, your country, and the world?

  2. A True Woman Joins the Battle

    Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

    Does fear hold you back from all God wants to do through you?

  3. Living Out the True Woman Message

    Mary Kassian, Dannah Gresh, Kay Arthur, Holly Elliff, Bob Lepine, Karen Loritts, Carolyn McCulley

    What does it look like to live out the True Woman message day by day? Get wise counsel on how to implement God's truth in your life.

Breakout Sessions

Oct. 15, 2010

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    Food, Beauty, and Control: Three Snares Women Face

    Bob Lepine

    Bob Lepine will help women examine 3 areas of life that are potential pitfalls. He'll look at what the Bible says and how to avoid temptation.

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    He Loves Me/He Loves Me Not: Looking at Love from the Bible's Perspective

    Carolyn McCulley

    This breakout session addresses the challenges and opportunities of romance, friendship, and wise living for the single woman.

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    Keeping Your Marriage Vows

    Crawford and Karen Loritts

    Deepen your commitment to your marriage vows, provide practical wisdom for strengthening your marriage and safeguarding it against the attacks of the enemy.

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    Finding Joy in the Journey as a Pastor's Wife

    Holly Elliff, Kimberly Wagner

    In this session, you'll see how God provides grace to find joy in every aspect of life and ministry.

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    Daily Devotions: Duty or Delight?

    Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

    A consistent devotional life is foundational to cultivating an intimate, fruitful life.

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    Lies Young Women Believe Teen Track—Myself

    Erin Davis

    Read God’s Word and believe what it says about you and stop being caught up in worldly beauty because it doesn’t serve you.

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    Lies Young Women Believe Teen Track—A Godly Man

    Dannah Gresh

    Lies Young Women Believe - Fort Worth

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    Embracing God's Perspective on Motherhood

    Holly Elliff

    Learn how Scripture reveals if being a mom is worth the effort? - Jesus' answer is a profound YES!

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    Women's Global Issues: Challenges for Women in Developing Nations

    Carolyn McCulley

    This seminar looks at the health and economic challenges women in the developing world face.

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    Lies Young Women Believe Teen Track—Sexuality

    Dannah Gresh

    Will you be part of an army of young men and young women across this nation that reclaims God’s gift of sexuality and its definition?

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    A Battle Plan for Moral Purity

    Susan Henson

    How do we as moms, grandmothers, and mentors sow seeds of purity into young hearts?

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    Lies Young Women Believe Teen Track—The Future

    Dannah Gresh

    Dannah Gresh wants to share with you some deep thoughts about lies we believe about guys.

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    The Genesis of Gender

    Mary Kassian

    Mary Kassian will identify gender distinctives evident in the creation story.

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    Prayer: A Lasting Legacy

    Fern Nichols

    Invest in eternity—leave a legacy of prayer.

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    The Table Experience: Creating Deeper Relationships Through Hospitality

    Devi Titus

    Home is where the heart is formed.

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    Spiritual Mothering

    Susan Hunt

    Is your church preparing you to be a spiritual mother?