Our 4 Distinctives

Revive Our Hearts is one of many solid Bible-teaching ministries that you could support. But here’s what we believe sets us apart.

1 True Biblical Womanhood

Even in the face of often-hostile deconstruction of true biblical womanhood, Revive Our Hearts is committed to joyfully teaching about God’s perfect plan and design for women all over the world.

“I’m asking God to raise up a great host of women—women of courage, faith, compassion, humility, and wisdom. Women filled with Jesus for such a time as this. Will you join me in that mission? Will you be a part of that counter-cultural revolution? Will you say, ‘Yes, Lord. I am Your servant. Take me, use me, spend me. Fulfill all Your holy, eternal purposes in and through my life, whatever the cost’?”
—Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

2 Strong Momentum in Latin America

Latin America is a place of very strong momentum for the ministry of Revive Our Hearts through Aviva Nuestros Corazones (Revive Our Hearts in Spanish). God is working uniquely and powerfully there, to lead women to freedom, fullness, and fruitfulness in Christ.

“The Lord is using ANC like a big net: saving women, reviving women, discipling women, connecting women, and plugging them into solid churches. God is working in profound ways through this network of hispanic women.” —Laura Gonzalez, Director, Aviva Nuestros Corazones

3 Focus on the Next Generation

The next generation of women matters deeply to Revive Our Hearts. Tweens and teen girls are being equipped and encouraged to seek hard after God and His plan for them.

“The number one thing that every tween or teen needs today: they need to know their identity in Christ. . . . If [tween and teen girls] can understand how Jesus is the answer to what is wrong in the news feed and their confusing emotions, they will find Christianity to be authentic and impactful for their lives.” —Dannah Gresh, host of the True Girl podcast and cohost of Revive Our Hearts

4 Unmatched Teaching Frequency

Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth is perhaps the only woman in the world providing woman-to-woman audio teaching every Monday through Saturday via podcasts in multiple languages and three nationally syndicated radio programs.

“I have shared so many Revive Our Hearts messages with women I have discipled over the years. I have been unbelievably thankful for your constant messages of truth—that we are flawed and will never be good enough . . . but God! It is His goodness and His righteousness. That message brings true freedom. That has been the message I have been proclaiming all these years. Every time I listen to Revive Our Hearts, I know I will be pointed to the Word.” —“Vicki,” Revive Our Hearts listener