Daily Reflections

You Need to Share It

March 20, 2021 Portia Collins

“For I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the last he will stand upon the earth.” —Job 19:25

Being joy-filled doesn’t necessarily mean we put on this facade of being happy all the time. I’m someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression a great deal of my life. Yet one of the most impactful illustrations in the Bible for me to look at has been Job.

I wholeheartedly believe Job had joy in the midst of his suffering. Was he honest? Absolutely. Did he lament? Absolutely. But he still held firm to God. He knew who his Source was. And there wasn’t any person or circumstance that could take that away.

In my own times of hardship, being joy-filled means continually reminding myself of the Truth of God’s Word as well as reminding everybody else around me. There are moments that I cry when I’m sad. But when I think of God’s goodness and Truth, I have to share it. And even in the midst of suffering, it brings an immense amount of joy to my heart.

Make it Personal

With whom can you share about God’s goodness today? How do you think sharing about Him will impact your own heart?