Daily Reflections

Workers at Home

October 25, 2021 Mary Kassian

Older women likewise are to . . . train the young women . . . to be . . . working at home. —Titus 2:3–5

When Titus 2 says that older women should teach the younger to work at home, it doesn’t mean you’re tied to the kitchen sink and can’t have a career. Instead, it means you need to get your priorities straight. Things at home take precedence, and you need to make sure they are in order.

Women know there’s a state when your home is not taken care of, when it doesn’t get your attention the way it needs to and everything’s out of sync. Nothing’s quite right because your private life isn’t right.

As women, we have a particular responsibility for the home. That doesn’t mean we do everything and men don’t do anything. It’s in terms of an overall responsibility. Your home is a big priority for you as a woman, and that’s because God has wired you that way. When you figure that out, you are happier and more content, and things just work better.

Make it Personal

Are there any changes you need to make in order to properly prioritize your home in your current life season?