Daily Reflections

When You're Disappointed

February 20, 2021 Chizuruoke Anderson

I cry aloud to God, aloud to God, and he will hear me. —Psalm 77:1

Sometimes when we struggle with disappointment, we experience an added layer of guilt for feeling bad about something that seems trivial compared to losses that others are experiencing.

Throughout the past year, the Lord has been teaching me a lot about acknowledging how I feel. Just because God has been gracious to not let me experience suffering or loss on a bigger scale as compared to others doesn’t mean my disappointment isn’t real or that it’s less. What I need to do is give all of that disappointment to the Lord. He’s the One who can sift it into its correct place and shake out what needs to be shaken out.

Whenever you experience those feelings of guilt over your disappointments, talk it out with the Lord, and give each thought to Him as the sadness comes. Don’t waste the suffering. Take advantage of this time of growing in the Lord, and let yourself be sad when you need to be sad.

Make it Personal

How can you take your disappointments today and give them as an offering to the Lord?