Daily Reflections

Time to Rest

January 5, 2024 Portia Collins

“You are to labor six days but you must rest on the seventh day.” —Exodus 34:21

Over the past year, I’ve grown more inten- tional about carving out time for real rest. To be fair, my intentionality was a bit forced due to health issues. But to say that I’ve seen a drastic change in my mental, spiritual, and overall physical health is an understatement. As I began to see these positive changes, it motivated me to become more protective of rest.

Many of us are familiar with God’s command regarding the Sabbath. The word sabbath is derived from a Hebrew word that means “day of rest.” It’s easy to hear and agree with God’s commands but lack intentionality in obediently following His instructions.

God’s commands, including His command to rest, aren’t mere suggestions. He knows exactly what we need, even before we do. And when we humbly follow His way of doing things, we’re protected from unnecessary hardships resulting from our disobedience. God never intended for us to live life in a perpetual state of exhaustion. Yes, He calls us to work hard, but He also calls us to rest well.


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Scripture taken from The CSB

Make it Personal

Look at your schedule for the week and incorporate some specific time to rest.