Daily Reflections

The Greatness of Obedience

May 6, 2023 Kelly Needham

“I am the Lord your God, who brought you out from the forced labor of the Egyptians.” —Exodus 6:7

Of people on the list of “Did-Great-Things- For-God,” Moses has got to be in the top five. Didn’t he single-handedly bring the whole nation of Israel out of Egypt?

No, Moses didn’t bring the Israelites out of Egypt; God did. You might be thinking, Of course it was ultimately God who delivered the nation, but Moses did a lot of the work. But the answer is still no.

This isn’t just semantics; this is essential to our theology. Moses didn’t do something great for God. He simply obeyed Him. God was perfectly capable of accomplishing Israel’s deliverance on His own. He wasn’t looking for a man who would do something great. He was looking for a man who would obey Him. What made Moses great and usable by God was his obedience.

As I think about other Bible heroes, the same holds true. They were not men and women who aspired to do great things but who aspired to walk with God and to honor Him in all they did.

Make it Personal

What basic form of obedience is God calling you to today?