Daily Reflections

Surrendering It All

July 3, 2023 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

My times are in your hand. —Psalm 31:15 ESV

At certain points in their journey, those who have professed faith in Christ may find themselves “unsurrendered” to God’s control in particular areas of their lives. The reasons for this may vary.

For example, though they may have truly surrendered their lives to God, they may have never realized some of the specific implications of that surrender—You mean, my money belongs to God? My kids? My body? My time? I’d never thought about that! May God continually open our eyes to see the practical outworking of a surrendered life in ways we may never have considered.

In some cases, believers know what it means to live under God’s control, but they are afraid of what might happen if they surrender some particular area. If I surrender my family to the Lord, what will happen to them? If I surrender my finances, will my needs be met? If you are wrestling with fears about the will of God, I want to encourage you with the promises of God and to help you understand that He is worthy of all your trust.

Make it Personal

What areas do you struggle with surrendering to God? Which of His promises could you meditate on today to help you trust Him more?