Daily Reflections

Stand Still

February 6, 2021 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

“Fear not, stand firm, and see the salvation of the Lord . . . The Lord will fight for you.” —Exodus 14:13–14

One of the most dramatic examples of God’s Providence in the Old Testament was when the Israelites were finally released from their Egyptian captors. They came to a massive body of water, with no way over or around it, and a ferocious army bearing down on them.

But in spite of watching Yahweh perform one miracle after another on their behalf, they feared for their lives. Undaunted, Moses challenged them to stand still and trust God.

Not only did God provide a path through the water, He went on to lead the Israelites through the wilderness, providing food, water, protection, and more until they finally reached the land He had promised them.

When things seem to be falling apart, it’s natural to freak out and give in to fear, anger, or despair, or try to wrestle the problems down. But this moment in your life is part of a bigger Story He’s writing in and through you. Remember the Red Sea. Stand still. See the salvation of the Lord.

Make it Personal

In what areas of life is God asking you to stand still and trust Him to fight for you right now?