Daily Reflections

A Sense of Direction

December 28, 2020 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God. —James 1:5

I’m one of those people who have virtually no sense of direction. One time I left my hotel room, couldn’t find the elevator, and had to stop and ask directions from a hotel employee! Needless to say, I rely heavily on maps and written instructions to find almost everything.

We’re all directionally challenged when it comes to decision making. Knowing God’s will for our plans, relationships, and responsibilities is a lot more important than finding an address. We need written instructions, and we have them in God’s Word.

God desires to have the kind of relationship with us where we’re quick to seek His counsel and direction in relation to the matters that concern us. During our quiet time, we enter into His presence and lay our lives before Him—our schedules, our questions, the decisions we’re facing. Then with His Word open before us and our hearts lifted up to Him, we listen and seek to discover His heart on the matter. We wait quietly before Him until He shines His light on our path.

Make it Personal

Spend time today seeking the Lord through His Word and asking Him to give you solid direction for your life.