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Point to Jesus

November 21, 2023 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

“Do whatever he tells you,” his mother told the servants. —John 2:5

In the Gospel of John, we find the account of Jesus at the wedding feast in Cana. When faced with a shortage of wine, Mary pointed the servants to Jesus: “Do whatever he tells you.” She used her influence to direct others to Jesus and to encourage them to obey and follow Him.

We would do well to follow Mary’s example. When friends and acquaintances come to us with problems, our role is not to solve their problems but to point them to Jesus and to encourage them to “do whatever he tells you.”

Mary apparently was also influential in leading her own children to follow Jesus. During His earthly ministry, Jesus’ half-brothers did not believe in Him (John 7:5). However, by the time the early church was birthed, they had become believers (Acts 1:14); two of them—Jude and James—penned the New Testament books that bear their names. I believe that Mary was likely one of the key influences in bringing them to faith in Jesus.


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Make it Personal

How can you be quick to point others to Jesus when they come to you with questions or for advice?