Daily Reflections

Our True Home

May 22, 2023 Aylín Merck

God’s dwelling is with humanity, and he will live with them. They will be his peoples, and God himself will be with them. —Revelation 21:3

When God made us His own, He also welcomed us into His family. But sometimes we don’t experience that sense of belonging as we want to. Since I left my country, God has comforted me with the promise of who He is: He is my home.

Though I know Home has found me, at the same time I realize I’ll always be homesick until I get to my permanent Home. The promise in Revelation 21:3 has not yet been fully fulfilled.

There’s deep suffering and pain that comes from not being Home with our Father. I’m learn- ing to recognize the pain and restlessness in my heart as signs of longing for God Himself. Yet there is coming a day when God will comfort each one of us as a mother comforts her child (Isa. 66:11–13). As soon as we see Jesus, we will feel deeply satisfied with the glorious sense of belonging that we only find in God. Then, finally, we will be Home.

Make it Personal

Ask God to help you put your hope in the promise of Revelation 21:3.