Daily Reflections

Obedience Starts with Delight

May 23, 2023 Kelly Needham

Lead me in the path of your commandments, for I delight in it. —Psalm 119:35 ESV

When the desire to do for God supersedes the desire to obey God, it reveals that God is no longer the source of joy. A heart delighted in God desires to obey Him. A heart delighted in self desires to see what self can accomplish. A person delighted in God doesn’t care how God uses her but rather that she is useful to God. A person delighted in self cares deeply about how God uses her because seeing the self she loves underused causes grief.

Only the heart captivated by God can overflow with a genuine desire to obey Him. True obedi- ence begins with a determined plan to know God through His Word. As we find Him to be our delight, we will notice an unconditional “Yes, Lord” overflowing from our hearts.

Greatness isn’t measured by the number of lives touched, the amount of money raised, or the recognition of notable people. No, greatness is measured by radical and joyful obedience to the One who paid with His own blood to redeem us.

Make it Personal

God isn’t asking you to change the world—He’s simply asking you to obey. The question is, will you?