Daily Reflections

One Truth

August 21, 2023 Laura Gonzalez de Chavez

“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” —John 8:32

There’s only one way to know the truth, and that’s through the Word of God. The world sells us a multitude of arguments and a myriad of principles that sound attractive to the ear and to the flesh. However, it is only through the Word of God that we can arrive at the truth.

There is only one truth, and it is contained in the Bible. The Bible is the perfect lens through which we can interpret the world, the filter through which we can discern and identify the lies it sells us.

And when we know the truth, it will set us free. Many times, we end up following the lie because it attracts us, because we believe that in the end it will bring us joy and freedom. But it’s a trap; in the end it enslaves us. The truth of the Word of God is the only one that has the power to truly set us free.

Make it Personal

What can you do today to root your life in the solid foundation of God’s truth so that you can know true freedom?