Daily Reflections

Not Just Hearing

January 16, 2023 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

I pursue the way of your commands, for you broaden my understanding. —Psalm 119:32

Everything we read in God’s Word calls for some response. That response may be to exercise faith in God’s promises or character, to humble ourselves, and to acknowledge our need. It may require us to:

• Confess our sins.
• Turn from our old ways of thinking.
• Obey some command we have been neglecting.
• Forgive one who has wronged us or seek forgiveness from someone wehave wronged.
• Seek to reconcile a broken relationship.
• Give to meet the need of another.
• Share the good news of Jesus Christ with a non-Christian friend or relative.
• Cry out to God on behalf of a needy friend.

Recording the responses that the Spirit has led you to make will help move you past hearing the Word to doing it. You may want to write out your response in the form of a prayer expressing your commitment to obey the Lord.

Make it Personal

In what areas of life do you need to move past hearing the Word to doing it?