Daily Reflections

Letting Go of the Questions

October 13, 2021 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

“I have uttered what I did not understand, things too wonderful for me, which I did not know.” —Job 42:3

As Job’s suffering continued, he tried to understand God’s purposes for his pain. He started with a quiet heart, but he began to ask a lot of questions, all of which came down to “why.” Why me? Why this? Why now?

God finally responded by asking some questions of His own: Where were you when I put the planets in orbit or set the foundation of the oceans? Can you explain rain or how the sun works? Through all these questions (fifty-five in total!), God wanted to make sure that Job knew there are many things we as humans can’t begin to comprehend.

If we’re trying to understand why we experience suffering, we need to stop. Yet in the midst of our pain, we can trust the God who set the sun and stars in place. He’s writing a story we cannot see, and He doesn’t always do what we think He should do. But we can know He is wise and He is good.

Make it Personal

How can you relinquish your questions to God and trust Him to work out His perfect will?