Daily Reflections

Let It Go

October 2, 2020 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

“If you know these things, blessed are you if you do them.” —John 13:17

Yes, forgiveness is supernatural. Yes, it’s something only God can do. Yes, it is far beyond our flesh and blood ability. But if you’re a child of God, by His power, you can forgive others with the grace and forgiveness that you’ve received from God for your sins.

So, choose it! Don’t wait to feel like it or to figure out how it will all work out. Ultimately, forgiveness isn’t an emotion. It’s an act of your will—an act of faith. Whether the offense is so large you think you can’t forgive or so small you think you don’t have to forgive, either way, you’ll stay in prison until you release it into the cleansing stream of God’s fathomless mercy.

This is His will for you in Jesus. And you can choose to take hold of it! If you’ve still not taken that plunge into the ocean of His forgiveness, cry out to Him right now: “Oh, God, for Jesus’ sake—as You have forgiven me, I choose to forgive each person who has sinned against me.”

Make it Personal

Are you holding back forgiveness from someone? Lay it at the feet of Jesus, and let it go.