Daily Reflections

It’s Never Too Late

May 13, 2022 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

“I am still as strong today as I was the day Moses sent me out.” —Joshua 14:11

When the spies entered Canaan, they encountered some of the people who lived there. There was one group in particular—the descendants of Anak (Num. 13:28)—that struck fear in their hearts.

Forty-five years later in Israel’s history, the Anakim are mentioned again. In Joshua 14, Caleb was going to take possession of the land God had promised him. As he did, he conquered the people who had so frightened his companions all those years earlier—at age eighty-five! God wasn’t finished with Caleb.

Whatever age you are, it’s not too late to be used by God. Until we get to heaven, we’re still in the spiritual battle. Don’t throw in the towel and let the younger generation take over. It may not be that you take over some land, but you may fight a battle on your knees, crying out to the Lord and engaging in warfare against Satan.

Whatever God has called you to, choose to lay hold of His promises. Exercise faith rather than focusing on the giants.

Make it Personal

In whatever season of life you’re in, ask God to help you stay in the battle, remember His promises, and move forward in faith.