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How to Fight Fear

February 4, 2024 Kimberly Wagner

Jesus told him, “Go away, Satan! For it is written: Worship the Lord your God, and serve only him.” —Matthew 4:10

The enemy uses fear to rob us of peace, to threaten our security, and to establish a place to stand where he can insert his lies. He takes that fear and ultimately turns it into some type of accusation against God. But we aren’t left unarmed in this battle.

We have a real weapon the enemy fears— worship. When Jesus faced the tempter in the wilderness (Matt. 4), the crux of that confrontation was the issue of worship. Would Jesus bow down and give His adoration and praise to the created being, the devil (Matt. 4:8–11)?

Our only hope for victory when fearing the enemy’s fearful forecasts is to reach a place of worship. The enemy flees when we engage in worshiping God alone (James 4:7).

Worship conveys what our hearts designate is worthy of adoration. It reveals what we value. Worship of God drives a stake in the ground and proclaims, “This is where my allegiance lies; I will bow to no other!”

Will you arm yourself with praise?


How to Fight Fear with Worship” (ReviveOurHearts.com/blog)

Scripture taken from The CSB

Make it Personal

How can you arm yourself with praise to face any fears—real or imagined—that you’re battling today?