Daily Reflections

Hope Is Not Lost

May 14, 2023 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

[Haman] planned to destroy all of Mordecai’s people, the Jews. —Esther 3:6

In Esther, the king’s edict (initiated by Haman) to kill all the Jewish people seemed so final (3:13). There didn’t appear to be any way to escape.

But God. God is the King over all the earth. No edict can force His hand. God, in His sovereignty, uses people to fulfill His purposes and bring about His kingdom on this earth.

The book of Esther doesn’t spell out exactly what God was doing at this moment in history, but we do know what He was not doing. He was not sitting in heaven wringing His hands. He was not surprised by the king’s edict. He was not scrambling to come up with a way to save His people.

God not only knew this was going to happen, He had already gone before. He had set in motion a plan to thwart Haman’s wicked intentions, long before Haman acted in hatred toward the Jews. God had already readied the instruments to overrule the evil in Esther’s time in His way—as He has already done so today.

Make it Personal

What evil has surfaced in your world, workplace, home, church, or school? How can you put your trust in God’s sovereignty in those situations?