Daily Reflections

Christ Sits as King

December 6, 2021 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

“Your kingdom will be restored to you as soon as you acknowledge that Heaven rules.” —Daniel 4:26 CSB

There are two words that my husband, Robert, and I say to each other over and over again. I suppose we’ve said them hundreds or thousands of times in the years we’ve been married. These two words are one way of summarizing the whole of Scripture: Heaven rules. Christ sits as King.

In fact, I try to keep a constant reminder that “Heaven rules” in front of me all the time. As I watch the evening news. . . When I got the diagnosis of my husband’s cancer . . . When I start to worry about the unknowns and what-ifs . . . at the end of the day, I keep coming back to “Heaven rules.”

This phrase isn’t something I just made up; it’s found in Daniel 4:26. Plus, we can find the concept all the way through Scripture. If we continue to know, believe, and remind ourselves of this reality, it will keep us from going crazy in a broken, fallen, messed-up world.

Make it Personal

What encouragement does the truth that “Heaven rules” provide for your current situation?