Daily Reflections

He Will Refill

May 15, 2022 Laura Booz

[Jesus] emptied himself by assuming the form of a servant. —Philippians 2:7

In Luke 21, Jesus praised the poor widow for her generosity. Even though her gift was small, she gave “all she had to live on.”

As I read this story, it struck me that the widow went home empty-handed. She might have been joyful as she brought the coins to the temple, but if she was anything like me, she may have felt a loss when she went home with nothing. She may have opened her front door feeling depleted, because she had to start all over again.

I don’t know how she felt, but what I do know is that when we give everything, we’re going to feel like we gave everything. We’re going to feel the emptiness, the lack, and the exhaustion. We’re going to feel like we have nothing left, and we’re going have to start over again. When we live like a servant, we’re going to feel like a servant, and that’s okay. When we’ve given all we’ve got, we can be reassured that God will refill us.

Make it Personal

If you’re feeling depleted, ask God to help you rest and wait before Him as He fills you up again.