Daily Reflections

He Will Conquer

March 30, 2021 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

“The Lamb will conquer them.” —Revelation 17:14

If you talk about “Jesus is Lord” and live like you believe it, you’re going to experience consequences. The world is conspiring against God. Ultimately, their issue isn’t with us; when the nations rage (Psalm 46:6), it is against Christ.

Revelation tells us this battle will become more and more intense. Chapter 17 describes ten kings who will receive authority for one hour together with the beast to make war on the Lamb. What chance does a lamb have against them all? We find the answer in the next phrase: “The Lamb will conquer them” (v. 14).

The outcome is not at all in question. So, as we see a microcosm of this cosmic battle through people’s anger against Christ (which they sometimes take out on those who love Him), remember two things. First, God lets His enemies try to do their thing for a while, but they’re no match for Him. Second, when He utters His voice, the kingdoms of this world will totter and its inhabitants will melt in fear.

Make it Personal

How does knowing that Christ will ultimately win the battle strengthen you in the face of any opposition you experience?