Daily Reflections

He Reigns

March 31, 2022 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

God’s dwelling is with humanity, and he will live with them. —Revelation 21:3

If we only look at the events around us and don’t keep our eyes on God’s final victory, we’ll be so disheartened we’ll want to barricade ourselves against the world and hope we can last until the rapture.

But this isn’t a time for fear, except for the fear of the Lord. This isn’t a time to hunker down and hope it will all be over. Lift your eyes to heaven and realize who reigns! The Babylonians don’t reign; the godless entities in this world don’t reign; your proud heart doesn’t reign—Jesus reigns! It may look like Babylon is victorious, but its prosperity is short-lived. Everything that isn’t godly will be destroyed.

For now, we sit by the waters of Babylon grieving the devastation caused by sin. We long to be at home in God’s presence. But as we do, we remember the day when there will be no more sorrow. And in that bright, endless morning, heaven will come to earth. The people of God will be forever at home in the city of God.

Make it Personal

Thank God that no matter what twists life may bring, as a Christ-follower, you’ll spend an eternity of joy with Him.