Daily Reflections

He is Greater

March 2, 2021 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Come, behold the works of the Lord. —Psalm 46:8

Throughout Psalm 46, God is referred to explicitly by name multiple times.

Five times the psalmist refers to Him as God, the Hebrew word Elohim. This is the description of God as Creator and Preserver; He is transcendent, mighty, and strong.

Second, we see God identified as the Most High, the Hebrew name Elyon (v. 4). This stresses God’s strength, sovereignty, and supremacy. He is the One who is over it all.

Then, in verse 8 we find the word Lord, signifying Yahweh, the personal covenant name of the God of Israel—the God who comes to meet His people in their time of need. In the midst of our disasters, our God makes Himself known to us.

There are some mighty waves and storms in this passage, as there are in our lives. But our God is above it all. He is greater than the mountains, the storms, and all the problems of the world. And He is with you through it all.

Make it Personal

How have you seen these names of God proven true in your own life?