Daily Reflections

God Is Working

February 24, 2024 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

We were predestined according to the plan of the one who works out everything in agreement with the purpose of his will. —Ephesians 1:11

It’s not enough just to say that things happen for a reason; the point is that things happen for God’s reasons. God Himself is actively at work in our world and in our lives to carry out His own objectives.

Will we always understand what God is doing? Of course not. But here’s what we can be sure of. God’s sovereignty and His providence are able to shield us and our often-quaking hearts inside an impenetrable fortress.

This tells us that even in those hard, scary places of life, there’s more to what’s going on than just what can be seen from earth’s perspective. There’s another way of looking at it—a heavenly perspective.

And though earth’s happenings often seem random, meaningless, hopeless, and even cruel, what is happening in the heavenly realm is infused with such wisdom and goodness, with such a plan and a purpose, that if we knew what God was doing, we would worship and praise Him.


Heaven Rules: Take courage. Take comfort. Our God is in control. ©2022 Revived Hearts Foundation

Scripture taken from The CSB

Make it Personal

What are some ways we can remind each other that God is in control and is working when we can’t see how?