Daily Reflections

Freedom from Bitterness

July 27, 2022 Erin Davis

In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of his grace. —Ephesians 1:7

If you’re like me, there are pain points in your life where you know you’ve become embittered, you’ve prayed and repented, and then . . . wham! You find yourself speaking bitter words or physically wilting under the weight of unchecked bitterness.

That’s good! No really. Our bitter tendencies are a reminder of how much we need Jesus. Charles Spurgeon once said, “Anything is a blessing which makes us pray.”

In this way, our bitterness can be a blessing because it turns our hearts toward Jesus and reminds us that only the power of Christ’s blood shed on the cross can liberate us from our sins, including bitterness.

We are bitter people who become better people only when we trust in the Spirit’s power to change us. With that in mind, ask Jesus to reveal any bitter roots that have burrowed in your heart, and ask Him to give you the power to turn away from bitterness and toward joy-filled forgiveness.

Make it Personal

Ask Jesus to use His Word to yank out all roots of bitternes in your heart and home.