Daily Reflections

Extreme Exposure

March 12, 2024 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

I had heard reports about you, but now my eyes have seen you. Therefore, I reject my words and am sorry for them; I am dust and ashes. —Job 42:5–6

The closer we get to God, the more clearly we see ourselves. In comparison to others, we can always find someone who makes us feel good about ourselves. But when we step into the light of God’s holiness, our lives are brought into sharp relief.

Job, for example, was a God-fearing man. His lifestyle was above reproach. Suffering did, however, expose a deeper level of depravity than he might otherwise have seen. It also drove him to a transformational encounter with God. As a result, Job was no longer just a good man; now he was a broken man.

To know God, to live in His presence, and to be occupied with a vision of His holiness is to know how foolish and frail we are apart from Him; it is to be broken from our preoccupation with ourselves; it is to experience the cleansing, restoring power of Christ who was broken on the cross on our behalf.


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Make it Personal

How could a greater degree of brokenness open up a whole new realm of grace and fruitfulness in your life?