Daily Reflections

Experiencing God in Our Weakness

August 6, 2023 Colleen Chao

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is perfected in weakness.” —2 Corinthians 12:9

By the time I was twenty, I had an enviable skillset for ministry: I could sing and speak in front of crowds, mentor younger girls, write with passion, and lead Bible studies. I was admired, respected, and told I would do great things for God.

I held my breath, ready to take on the world. But bouts with depression and life-altering disappointments began chipping away at my dreams, and both my perfect exterior and self-assured interior quaked.

Simultaneously I began to experience what it meant to be raw and real with a handful of close friends who were on a similar journey. For a girl whose heart beat perfectionism, letting others in on my mess was a messy process.

Slowly I began to understand that my dreams and my strengths weren’t the best formula for dynamic ministry. As counterintuitive as it seemed, my weakness was where I encountered the breathtaking beauty of God. In fact, it was weakness that helped me experience unspeakable depths of His love—and compelled me to love Him back.

Make it Personal

How have your weaknesses impacted your relationship with Jesus—and in turn your spiritual growth?