Daily Reflections

An Example of Love

July 5, 2021 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Having loved his own who were in the world, [Jesus] loved them to the end. —John 13:1

In John 13, before Jesus sat down to eat the feast of Passover with His disciples, He (the Creator) got down and washed the feet of His creatures. What a wonderful picture of love!

Love isn’t just an emotional attraction but rather a selfless, humble service to meet the needs of another person. It doesn’t matter how lowly or menial that service or task may seem or how undeserving the person is that we’re serving.

Scripture tells us that kind of love ought to be the supreme mark of the people of God. That’s how people will know that we belong to Him. It’s not because we’ve memorized our Bibles. It’s not because our church buildings are overflowing or that we have all kinds of programs. Jesus said that the way the world will stop and take notice of our relationship with Him is that we love each other the same way that He loved us (John 13:35)—in that selfless, sacrificing, and serving love He demonstrated while He was here on earth.

Make it Personal

Who do you know that’s a good example of how Jesus showed love to others? What is it about them that makes you say that?