Daily Reflections

Displaying His Beauty

October 27, 2023 Mary Kassian

So that they may adorn the teaching of God our Savior in everything. —Titus 2:10

Living as a true woman of God is really all about beauty. As daughters of the King, we are to display the attractiveness of the gospel. Every woman wants to be seen as beautiful, but I’m not talking about a beauty that’s skin-deep or external, or “I have to do that prime and patch job now, because it just doesn’t come like it used to.”

As women, we are wired to be beautiful and to be admired. But what God wants for us goes beyond what we see in the mirror. He wants us to be beautiful for Him—for the way we live and the way we speak to put the gospel on display and share the good news of Jesus with those around us.

How we do life as a woman adorns the gospel of Jesus Christ. It can make it beautiful, or it can make it ugly. As women, we have a particular ability in a unique way to display the beauty of our Savior.


"The ABCs of True Womanhood" (message, True Woman '12)

Scripture taken from The CSB

Make it Personal

Pray that God would use your life to make the gospel of Jesus Christ beautiful to the world around you.