Daily Reflections

Crying for Others

March 15, 2023 Dannah Gresh

Jesus wept. —John 11:35

I, for one, need to grow in my ability to produce empathic tears. Oh, I’ll shed my share when my day gets stressful or someone I love is sick. But my eyes are rather dry when I see the challenges of others less connected to me.

Scripture records that Jesus cried two times: once over the brokenness of a city (Luke 19:41) and once over the death of Lazarus (John 11:35). It could be argued that in both cases our Savior was feeling personal pain, but the full context of Scripture reminds us that the condition of His heart was compassion and focus on others. I think He was crying for others, and so should we.

While there is a need for us to put words and petitions together in cognitive conversation with God, I think tears and strong emotional identification with the pain of others is a form of intercession. And it’s one that’s appropriate for this broken moment in history.

Make it Personal

Pray that God would deepen your compassion for the pain and struggles of people around the world.