Daily Reflections

Cry Out Again and Again

March 9, 2023 Dannah Gresh

Again the Israelites cried out to the LORD. —Judges 3:15 NIV

Are you ready to give up on a prayer you’ve been lifting to God for a long time? Let me stop you. And invite you to pray. Again.

Have you ever noticed how many times Scripture reports that the nation of Israel cried out to the Lord “again”? In the NIV, Judges 3:15 even starts with that word.

One reason they had to cry out over and over is simply because—like us—they were prone to wander. But Judges 3 reveals another reason. It begins with a long list of all the enemies of the Israelites. And verse two informs us God did this to teach warfare to the descendants of the Israelites who didn’t have previous battle experience! God was training His army.

Sometimes God is training us for bigger and more important battles in the future, and part of the training is perseverance in the fight. Don’t take your armor off. Stand up. Be bold! In the mighty name of Jesus, lift up that prayer again.

Make it Personal

Pray for God to move in a way that seems impossible because you’ve been asking for so long and have grown weary of crying out.