Daily Reflections

A Powerful Legacy

March 8, 2023 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Devote yourselves to prayer; stay alert in it with thanksgiving. —Colossians 4:2

Your heart may be breaking over a child or grandchild who is being held captive by Satan’s lies. You cannot open his eyes; you cannot turn her heart.

What can you do? You can let God change you, even as you’re longing for Him to change your child. You can pray and gather a few trusted confidants to join you.

You can trust that God is not only writing your story; He is also writing your child’s story. And because of this, you can resist the temptation to pick up the pen and take over. You can wait patiently for the Lord to act in His time and His way. And you can demonstrate and declare that God is worthy of your worship and trust and that He is still good—even if your heart is breaking, even if your child’s heart or circumstances never change.

This is the walk of faith that cherishes and honors the Lord above all other loves. And this is a powerful legacy you leave to those who are coming behind you.

Make it Personal

How can you declare the Lord’s goodness today in a hard situation where you’re waiting on Him to work?