Daily Reflections

Christ Alone

March 8, 2024 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Lord, there is no one like you among the gods, and there are no works like yours. —Psalm 86:8

Jesus first. Jesus only. Upon these two short phrases rest the Christian’s confidence. Salvation comes only through Christ, and His Lordship is our greatest protection. The righteous do indeed live by faith in Him.

Christ alone is God in flesh who died for the sins of the world. He alone was resurrected from the dead, never to die again.

More personally, Christ alone is able to save us from the sentence of death we rightly deserve. He alone is able to sanctify us, to change us, to make us holy and blameless before God. He alone is able to satisfy our thirsty souls, to give us rest and strengthen us when we grow weary of striving. Christ alone makes us pleasing to the Father. He empowers us, defends us, and intercedes for us.

Christ alone can do all this and more—more than we can imagine. He is unconquerable and incomparable.


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Make it Personal

Listen to the hymn, “In Christ Alone (My Hope is Found),” and meditate on the truth of its message.