Daily Reflections

Chosen by God

September 1, 2023 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

As you come to him, a living stone—rejected by people but chosen and honored by God. —1 Peter 2:4

Many people today are desperately seeking affirmation; they’re driven to gain the approval of others. It’s as if they were trying to balance the scales of the negative input they have received from others.

But in most cases, no number of positive “strokes” can outweigh those negative, hurtful expressions that have led them to believe they’re worthless. No amount of affirmation is enough. They can get a hundred compliments about how they look or what they’ve done, but let one person offer a criticism, and they’re devastated. Why? Because they’re letting others determine their worth.

There’s a wonderful verse in 1 Peter that shows us how Jesus’ sense of worth was determined, not by what others thought of Him—good or bad—but by the truth. Jesus was rejected by men—those He had created for Himself, those He loved and for whom He laid down His life. But that isn’t what determined His value. He was chosen by God; that’s what made Him precious; that’s what determined His worth.
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Scripture is taken from the CSB.

Make it Personal

Thank God for the high value He’s placed upon you and that you can find your self-worth in Him.