Daily Reflections

Blessed Are the Beggars

February 15, 2021 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

“Blessed are the poor in spirit.” —Matthew 5:3

Jesus’ first recorded sermon was about how to experience true joy—how to be happy. It begins, He explained, by being poor. In today’s world, if we were asked to suggest ways to be blessed, I’m not sure we would have started there. We don’t generally think of poverty as a blessing. But Jesus came to introduce a radically different way of thinking about life.

In the original language, Jesus could have chosen two words to speak of someone being “poor.” The first option suggests someone who lives just below the poverty line, someone who barely makes it. That isn’t the word He chose. He used another word that means a beggar—a person who has no hope of surviving unless somebody reaches out a hand and pulls him up.

What is Jesus saying? Blessed are the beggars— those who recognize they have no chance of survival apart from God’s intervening mercy and grace. Because of their need, they reach out to Him. Because they reach out to Him, He responds by lavishing them with the riches of His kingdom and reviving their hearts.

Make it Personal

Are you a beggar? Take time to praise the Lord for rescuing you and for the glorious riches that He gives.