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Bearing Witness

October 21, 2023 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

That God’s word will not be slandered. —Titus 2:5

In Titus 2, Paul gives instructions to believers in various seasons of life. In each case, the apostle says, “Here’s what the gospel should look like in your life.” He also gives some “purpose” clauses to explain why it’s important it look that way.

As Christian women, we’re to cultivate the elements of godly womanhood so God’s Word won’t be “slandered” (Titus 2:5). That word slandered in the Greek is blasphēmeō. It’s the word from which we get our English word blasphemy. And it means just that—to blaspheme, to dishonor or speak evil of.

A Christian woman whose life doesn’t bear witness to the power of the gospel causes the gospel to be dishonored. If, however, she cooperates with God and allows Him to change her, she “adorns” the gospel. To adorn means to beautify it and make it attractive. Outsiders will look at her life and say, “Her life makes me think the Bible is true!” We can’t just tell them it’s true. They need to see and feel and experience that it really is true through our lives.


True Woman 201: Interior Design, Ten Elements of Biblical Womanhood @2015 Mary A. Kassian and Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Scripture taken from The CSB

Make it Personal

Ask God to cleanse you of any sin, so that the beauty of Christ will shine through your life.