Daily Reflections

Be Strengthened!

June 10, 2022 Kristie Anyabwile

Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. —2 Timothy 2:1

I don’t know about you, but honestly so often in life I just feel weak. I deeply feel my need for strength. Second Timothy 2 encourages me so much to know that the strength I need comes from the grace of Christ.

In the days we’re living in, our hearts are burdened by the pandemic, by racial unrest, by isolation, and by the challenges and struggles of what used to be normal life. We need the strengthening grace of Christ to help us to stay grounded in His Word and to do the good works God has called us to do.

So today—and every day—we need to be strengthened through the grace of Christ! We need to allow the strength of Christ to work in our hearts that which is pleasing to Him so we can live a life worthy of Him. This is how we thrive, and this is how we grow. God demands these things for us, for our good and for His glory.

Make it Personal

Pray that you would lean into the grace of Jesus and the work of His Spirit to give you the strength you need each day.