Daily Reflections

An Invitation

August 11, 2022 Shannon Popkin

“There’s a boy here who has five barley loaves and two fish—but what are they for so many?” —John 6:9

In John 6, five thousand men (not counting women and children) gathered to listen to Jesus teach. As the day wore on, they became hungry; however, there was no possible way to buy enough food for everyone.

A little boy stepped forward with his five barley loaves and two fish. Jesus took that little lunch and multiplied it to feed the crowd.

I wonder what my response would be in this situation. Would I have pulled my lunch out, or come up with reasons not to? Often I let my doubts, insecurities, and even logic get in the way of offering what I have to Jesus. The need seems so great, and I have so little. It seems preposterous to extend my simple gifts.

But Jesus doesn’t ask me to give more than I have. When He shows me a need that’s overwhelming, it’s often His invitation to participate in a miracle. He invites me to place my small gifts in His hands and see what He will do.

Make it Personal

What gets in the way of offering what you have to Jesus?