Daily Reflections

Ambassadors of Hope

November 3, 2020 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

She took of its fruit and ate. —Genesis 3:6

When Eve took the first bite of that fruit, I don’t think she stopped to think about the consequences—in her own life, in her marriage, in her children and her grandchildren and all of life forever. She didn’t stop to count the cost. A cost that, among other things, would mean living in a disappointing world.

Adam and Eve’s sin took God’s perfect creation and broke it to its core. Our hearts are broken, plagued by sin. Our relationships are broken, infected with pride and selfishness. Our planet is broken, groaning under the weight of sin and death. As a result, we must deal with the deep longing for redemption.

We live in a culture in desperate need of true hope. And as followers of Christ, we have a message they need. We’re ambassadors of hope. We know that Christ is sovereign over every unfulfilled longing and that He alone is able to redeem every disappointment caused by sin and brokenness. Are you ready to accept Christ’s commission to talk about the hope you have in Him?

Make it Personal

What are ways that you can declare the hope of Christ to a disappointed world?