Daily Reflections

A Zeal for His Word

January 7, 2022 Kristie Anyabwile

Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation. —1 Peter 2:2

When my husband and I first became Christians, we were excited to read our Bibles. Every morning we would read the Word of God together. We’d ask each other questions, look up things in a concordance, and pray. The more we spent time in God’s Word, the more the Lord grew our hunger for it.

We couldn’t wait to open the Word of God each morning and see what the Lord was going to teach us. It was that zeal and fervency of being new believers that I wish we could maintain for the entirety of our Christian lives.

God’s Word is always life giving, but we go through seasons and times where we step away from it. I want to challenge you not to let the circumstances of life draw you away from the Word. Instead, may they cause you to press in even more because it’s the only place you will find satisfaction. It is the only place you will find joy. And it’s the only place you will find life.

Make it Personal

Do you have the same zeal for God’s Word that you did as a new Christian? How can you press in to His Word today?