Daily Reflections

A Year-Round Home

June 22, 2022 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

As for me, God’s presence is my good. I have made the Lord God my refuge. —Psalm 73:28

When David said he wanted to live in the Lord’s house, it was for “all the days of [his] life.”

“All the days”—not just as an occasional guest, dropping in for visits now and then. This wasn’t a winter house or a summer home. David wanted to be constantly conscious of the Lord’s presence every day and every season of his life.

Is that your desire? Do you want to live in His holy and joy-filled house where there’s a covenant community? That means using our homes and lives to welcome and bring in people who need more of Jesus, to be in community with them. It means we live under His headship and let Him be our Protector and our Provider.

There are lots of things that can make us fearful. But when we dwell in the house of the Lord and live in His presence every day, it will give us the perspective and position we need to deal with whatever issues we may face.

Make it Personal

Ask God to help you dwell in His presence every moment of every day, that you would be free of fear.