Daily Reflections

Message for Our Day

December 22, 2021 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

“Till you know that the Most High rules the kingdom of men and gives it to whom he will.” —Daniel 4:25

The phrase “Heaven rules” is found in Daniel 4:26, as Daniel interpreted a dream from King Nebuchadnezzar. When we get to this part of the book, Daniel was an elderly man
of God who had served under multiple pagan kings with all kinds of issues. The world was in a mess! It was fragmented, and God’s people were in trouble.

Yet Daniel told this wicked king, “Heaven rules.” Not only did Daniel deliver this message to the king, but he also had to tell it to his own heart. He knew this was the message needed for his day: Heaven rules no matter what. And Heaven still rules today, and it will still rule tomorrow.

It’s vital that we continue to counsel our hearts with this truth. We can’t stop saying it. We can’t stop reminding ourselves because we forget so easily. We start to think our government is in charge, or our boss or spouse or kids are ruling our lives. But that’s not true. Heaven rules.

Make it Personal

As you hear of the events happening in our world, how can you counsel your heart with the truth that “Heaven rules”?