Daily Reflections

A Broken Man

September 24, 2022 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

I am so insignificant. How can I answer you? I place my hand over my mouth. —Job 40:4

Job was a righteous man; he feared God and lived a blameless life. For reasons known only to God, Job became a bit player in a cosmic drama, acted out between heaven and hell. When he couldn’t fathom God’s purposes for the excruciating pain he was forced to endure, and when his so-called friends wrongly assumed he was being punished, Job began to reveal a self-righteous heart.

Through a series of questions that neither Job nor his friends could possibly answer, God revealed Himself in a way Job had never experienced. God unveiled His greatness, His infinite power, His superior wisdom, His mighty acts, and His unfathomable ways. When God had finished, Job could hardly breathe.

Job had been a good man. Suffering did, however, serve to lift the lid off his heart and expose a deeper level of depravity than he might have otherwise seen. As a result of his encounter with God, Job was not only a good man and a religious man; now he was a broken man.

Make it Personal

Ask God to lift the lid of your heart and expose anything that’s not pleasing to Him.