Daily Reflections

God in Our Midst

March 22, 2021 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved. —Psalm 46:5

Psalm 46:5 is one of the most precious promises of God to His people—that He will dwell not only with His people but in His people.

God is interested in relationship. He doesn’t want to be just some god out there that we hear about, talk about, or give mental assent to. He wants to be in us, to be related to us,
to make His dwelling place in us. That’s the picture we have in the Old Testament temple, the tabernacle. It wasn’t just a building or a tent where people went to have religious services but a place for God to “dwell in their midst” (Ex. 25:8).

When God dwells with His people, we “shall not be moved.” This doesn’t mean we won’t have problems but rather that we won’t be defeated or destroyed. We’ll have a stability that will outlive and outlast all other forces and powers in the universe. When kingdoms and mountains crumble and are no more, we will be standing firm. All because God is in our midst.

Make it Personal

Take time to thank and praise God that He desires to dwell in you and have a relationship with you.