Victor Akhterov

Dr. Victor Akhterov is leading FEBC’s ministry in Russia and Ukraine. Serving amidst increasing persecution, war, corruption, and poverty, Victor’s team is helping millions of people understand and accept the Good News. The son of a scientist who spent years in Soviet prisons for his faith, Victor is passionate about evangelism. “Our fathers paid a high price for sharing the Gospel, and today we live to inspire people to follow Jesus Christ,” said Victor, a native Russian who grew up in Eastern Ukraine. “We are innovative in our use of new media, as well as traditional FM radio, to create a dialogue with millions of listeners. And they respond by the thousands.”

A former soldier of the Soviet army, Victor studied theology, organizational leadership, and communications at Fuller Seminary and Biola University. At this crucial historical point of conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Victor is uniquely equipped to lead evangelistic teams in both countries, helping them inspire listeners to follow Jesus Christ. Victor is married to Oksana, and they have two grown children.

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