Linda and Jen Barrick

Linda Barrick is a wife, mother, Bible teacher, and founder of Hope Out Loud Ministries. Her daily radio feature, Hope Out Loud is heard on 733 stations in the US, Canada, and overseas. She is the author of Miracle for Jen, Beauty Marks and Total Bliss Bible study.

Jen Barrick suffered a traumatic brain injury at age fifteen and was not expected to live. After five weeks, she woke up from a coma singing praise songs and quoting every verse she had hidden in her heart. Jen gives us a glimpse of what we will have in heaven one day: that intimate, uninhibited communication with the Lord of Lords. She is an extraordinary speaker and has a diploma from the Institute of Biblical Studies at Liberty University. Even though Jennifer still suffers from vision impairment and memory loss, she knows there is no limit to what God can accomplish through her life. 

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